Making the HCI R-220 – 7 Cylinder Radial Engine (designed by Jack Herford)


 Making The Crank Shaft ; started out making the main shaft, but it did not work out so I used the part to make the Tail Shaft instead.

Making Crank Shaft parts


Making heads


Value Guides


Making Crank Case, yes it is madness to mill this out, but it will be stronger and better then a three part casting. It also come out cheaper if you do not consider time effort 😉

This is 10.5 inches diameter by about 11,5 inches long.IMG_20160717_162924 I did practice first with the smaller Ageless 9 cylinder crank case which is smaller.

 IMG_20160717_162941  IMG_20160717_155502  IMG_20160717_162929  IMG_20160717_162924  IMG_20160717_162917    IMG_20160717_172559IMG_20160720_200957IMG_20160720_201004

IMG_20160720_201008IMG_20160717_162924HCI - side view colored b


Foam pattern for crank case casting. I was going to do a lost foam pour but it’s just to much material for me to pour with my small foundry. And having it poured here would have been very expensive.

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